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1. These terms of service refer to every browsing and/or viewing and/or reading and/or using activity of any kind, whatever it will be (“usage”) of information or products or services appearing on “” (“this website”).

2. The terms “you”, “guest” and “user” refers to any person or entity making use of this website.

3. The term “website operator” refers to the website owner and/or whomever on his behalf and/or administrator and/or responsible for its’ maintenance and/or third party which has the copyright of the website’s content and/or product and/or service that is being sold on this website.

4. The terms of service are written in the singular masculine for convenience, but refer to all genders.


5. These terms of service are binding you and will apply on any use done by you on this website, and they will be legally considered as a binding agreement between you and the website operator. Please read the terms below carefully and if you don’t agree with them, please refrain from using this website, its’ content and the information it contains.

6. The use of this website is AS-IS and it’s on the user’s sole responsibility. This website’s content should not be considered as personal or business advice on any case and it should not be treated as such. The user should know that this website will not be displayed properly if the user uses an operating system and/or resolution and/or other component that are not supported on this website’s code and/or server and/or third party servers that are giving services to this website and so the user renounces any claim and/or demand regarding that.

7. There is an absolute prohibition of using this website’s content in order to perform illegal actions by the law of the state of Israel. If a user believes that there is an information that is prohibited from publication, he should immediately contact the website operator using this email: and specify the prohibited information and its location of this website.

8. The user declares that he knows that every use of the content and/or basing on the information that appears on this website for any purpose is not recommended and will be on the user’s full responsibility, done on behalf of that responsibility and there will not be any claim and/or demand against the website operator and/or his representative regarding this use and its’ direct and/or indirect results whether it has caused direct  and/or indirect damage, explicitly or implicitly to the user and/or a third party.

9. the website operator is not obligated to keep this website’s content up to date at all times and the information and content within it should be used for personal usage only as they are displayed (AS-IS) and without any obligation to their correctness.

10. This website and the every content within it, in any form or shape, whether written or graphically and/or photographically presented and/or any other way are protected by copyrights and are for personal use only within the specified limits in these terms of service. Unless you have a written permission from the website operator you are not allowed to publicize, distribute, show, store, copy, quote or send to a third party in and way.

11. There is an absolute prohibition to commercially use this website unless the website operator had given his written permission to do so. The user is obligated not to use this website for sending commercials and/or promote services and/or products and/or other commercial use in any other way. Also, you should not send private messages of any sort containing commercial advertisements as mentioned.

12. The user knows that some of the content in this website might be created by other users, whether by posting responses and/or opinions on this website and/or any part of it and the website operator has no control over these posts.

13. Notwithstanding the above, the user is obligated to use civilized, unoffensive, true, non-insulting, non-defamatory, unthreatening, or unharmful language that doesn’t harm other’s privacy and doesn’t contain any sexual, racist and/or illegal characteristics against other user and/or group of users and/or opinion.

14. The website operator encourage civilized conversation that aims to share knowledge and opinions while keeping the freedom of speech. Nevertheless, harmful reference as stated above might bring the website operator, under his sole discretion, to ban the use of this website from the offensive user and forward the user’s identifying information to the authorities, as he will be required to do so, if they are at his possession.

15. The user declares that he is exclusively responsible for the information he will be posting through this website and he alone will suffer the consequences of posting this content as stated above and that he will compensate the website operator due to and damage caused to this website and/or it’s operator due to posting such content as stated above.

16. This website might contain references and/or links to other websites (“links”). The website operator doesn’t have any control over these websites’ content and/or information in these links and does not have any liability towards these links’ intactness, reliability, correctness, and/or the nature of the information. The website operator will not bear any responsibility for any action and/or damage and/or consequence whether direct and/or indirect deriving and/or connected in any way to the other website’s content and information and the user will not have any complaint toward the website operator and/or his representatives.

17. If any user believes that this website’s public content might hurt him and/or other users in any way or that other user and/or agent contacted him with a commercial offer, he should contact the website operator immediately using the email, and raise his claims while giving fully detailed description of the facts regarding that complaint so that the website operator could consider the matter and will announce his decision.


19. The website operator gives matters of user’s privacy on this website great and crucial importance and will not do any intentional activity to give any stored information from this websites’ servers to any third party unless given the user’s permission. Your permission to what said in these terms and conditions is an explicit permission for the website operator to use this information while using it and/or the usage needed by you.

20. For purposes of using parts of this website the user will have to give personal information such as identification and contact details. the website operator might use these details given to allow registration and/or usage of this website and will be allowed to share this information and/or part of it with a third party as long as this information is needed to allow the usage of this website requested by you. It should be emphasized that the website operator is not responsible for these entities’ privacy policy.

21. The website operator emphasizes that internet websites are open for hacking attempts and there is no way to create full immunity against penetration of unsolicited agents to information stored on this website’s servers and/or third party’s servers that store information for this websites’ usage. Furthermore, the website operator emphasizes that he cannot definitively prevent disruptions of this websites functions and/or its’ links and will not will not have any responsibility to damage caused by this kinds of malfunctions. 

22. The website operator may use your email for sending focused information regarding topics that are displayed on this website and giving your email will be considered as a permission by you for these actions.

23. According to the above, the user releases this website and its’ website operator from any responsibility to damage caused to him by using this website.


24. The website operator may change this website in any way he seems fit, including taking it off the air without any prior announcement, change it’s service terms and conditions and/or change its’ character, content and shape and the user will have no complaint because of such an action.

25. Any unwritten terms of service does not give the user and/or third parties any permission any right and the website operator does not give up on any of his rights whether they were stated or not given any refferance above.

26. The laws of the state of Israel alone will apply on this website usage and there will be no interpretation about what is allowed or not to do while using this website by any other law. The local authority regarding and issue related and/or derived from using this website as stated above is the certified court in Tel Aviv.

27. In any issue regarding using this website, please contact the website operator using his email:

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