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We are a content marketing agency composed of journalists and marketing professionals that has been creating effective content for two decades.

Our goal is to create content that will make potential clients want to purchase from you.


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Every day, your audience is bombarded with 5,000 marketing messages. With this volume, they have learned to ignore most of the messages. This is the reason why marketing campaigns need much more resources and creativity to work. There is a better way to get their attention: content marketing.

Content marketing starts with a conversation with your target audience, so we can understand and create content that they’ll want to consume. This way, we create an emotional connection with your audience while promoting your products and services.

In other words, content marketing makes your audience want to buy from you.

How do we create content for you?


מומחה תוכן אדי קנבסקי



Strategic consultant for companies, institutes, and organizations with expertise in reputation building and crisis management.

* Wingate academic institute - Spokesman

* Givat Shmuel city - Spokesman

* INZ - Media consultant

* Political advisor to political parties

* Channel 1 - journalist

* Tehila marketing agency - copywriter

מומחה תוכן ליאור ברקן



Marketer, lecturer, and entrepreneur specializing in building, marketing, and management for over two decades.

* Israeli school of NLP - Founder and GM for over 15 years

* Loox interactive marketing agency - CEO

* Independent business development contractor in Eastern Europe

* "Ghost consultant" to politicians

מומחה תוכן יורי סקוירסקי


Head of video production

Director and editor who has worked for leading media channels worldwide, producing video ads and news.

* I24 news channel - Head of promo and video editing

* Calcalist - Former head of video department

* Fox news - news editor

* Russia today - cameraman and news editor

* IBA - news editor

מומחה תוכן אור אליעז


Head of audio and podcasts

Journalist, content creator, and owner of a studio that produces internet courses and web shows.

* Procast studio for media and podcast production - Owner

* Channel 10 - emissary for the 2018 FIFA world cup

* MAKO - Tech reporter

* Channel 13 - Tech reporter

* Maariv - Tech reporter

מומחה תוכן גיל דויטש


Digital marketing expert

Social ads manager that creates Leads and sales for companies and organizations through strategic ad campaigns.

* BoomBoom marketing agency - Owner

* Israeli ministry of tourism - Auditor of digital marketing

* Hadaka ha-90 - Head of digital for 7 years

מומחה תוכן דניאל סלגניק


Head of comic content

Comic content writer and scriptwriter for leading TV shows.

* Kan 11 - "Kupa Rashit" (Head cashier) script writer

* "Hakazavia" (The butchery) - script writer for Israel's leading script written podcast

* Kan education broadcasting - "Levad babait" (home alone) script writer 

* Teddy comedy channel - script writer

* Yediot communication & Shoken network - news reporter


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Case study 1: The Israeli School of NLP

What did we do to create a blog with 24K unique visitors that generates 80-100K links per month?

Campaign objective: Using the Israeli school of NLP’s website to help it lead its’ niche by employing a precise content marketing strategy focused on its’ target audience.

Target Audience: Men and women who want to improve their communication, influence and persuasion skills in order to get better career and personal results.

Challenges: Target audience’s lack of awareness to the field of NLP and a very competitive field due to the combination of very few institutes that teach NLP and a limited amount of prospects.

Chosen methods: creating a blog and using an email campaign.

What have we done to improve the blog's content

Objective #1: Improve the retention of the blog by creating better posts with higher value to the target audience.

Execution: The first decision was to create a blog filled with tips that can be used instantly and get results. Most of the target audience weren’t aware that they were looking for NLP as a solution to their issues, so we focused on the results they were looking for.

In order to do so, we built a list of 35 topics that our target audience were looking for when they were considering learning NLP. Current prospects phone calls were the source of this data.

We measured the response after writing about these topics weekly – Did the audience get into the articles? did they stay long enough to read? have they responded?

With the results in hand, we could refine a shorter list of 10 favorite topics so we can check the response of the target audience to different writing styles and different text lengths.

After testing different variations, we discovered that our audience enjoys reading content that has an introduction that shows why the topic is important before giving a solution.

Furthermore, although we’ve anticipated people will have less patience reading long texts We found that if the text contains high value information, it could be very long and still have great retention levels.

The amount of prospects interested in learning at the Israeli school of NLP had doubled each year because of the focus on the content and the ongoing adjustments to the target audiences’ response.

This increase in the amount and quality of prospects had increased the amount of registered students and allowed courses to be opened every month with an average income of 90K ILS.

What have we done to improve the email campaign's content

Objective #2: Retention of potential customers and creation of lasting reputation through use of a newsletter.

Execution: Our goal was to deepen our audience’s trust in the institute and to increase the chance they’ll want to register for their courses in the future. In order to do so, we decided to send weekly updates about the content posted on the blog.

Our next challenge was that good content was not enough. If a person doesn’t open an email he receives, he won’t be able to read it. For that matter we’ve tested few variants – Is using the person’s name going to get better response rates? Is it necessary for the headline to be short? Is it better to use a positive headline?

כותרות NLP

We have found few interesting things: The first, is that people don’t respond well to using their name because of privacy issues or over-usage of this technique on them.

The second is that The headline’s length is irrelevant if it’s interesting and readable.

The third is that although negative headlines work better than positive ones, the email opening rates will decrease if we don’t change it from time to time.

Immediately after implementing these findings in our email campaign, our opening and CTR tripled.

Case study 2: Association on behalf of the Israeli medical association

How did we create a campaign that drew more than 1M views in 1 week and got a vaccine into the Israeli government health fund a year later?

Campaign objectives: on this project we had 2 major objectives: to raise awareness to the Cervical cancer and it’s treatment – regular checkups and vaccination.

The second objective was to encourage women to get tested regularly for the HPV that causes cervical cancer, and to get the vaccine against it.

Target audience: there were few major challenges during the campaign:

1. after getting exposed to the campaign, women are encouraged to take active measures (such as vaccination and/or tests).

2. preventing negative media commotion from groups and companies opposing the vaccine

3. recruiting more familiar female influencers that can persuade women to get tested

4. there is a competition with other health awareness campaigns for the news agenda.

Chosen measures: Instagram and Facebook Influencers campaign and traditional media campaign (radio, TV, Newspapers).

The campaign

Our premise was that cervical cancer is one of two types of cancer that can be prevented with relatively easy actions, and we decided that this would be the main message of the campaign.

Therefore we decided to use the slogan “putting an X on cancer” to lead the awareness week. In other words, women can avoid the HPV (put an X on it) if they choose to get tested and vaccinated.

The first choice was to create an integrated campaign of digital marketing campaign on social media, influencers campaign (strong influencing women that helped to promote the message) and PR campaign on traditional media (newspapers, radio, TV and main media websites).

During the awareness week we started rolling the Israeli medical association’s integrated campaign at the same time as campaigns in Europe and the US.

In order to prevent negative media commotion from groups and companies opposing the treatment that might interfere with the life-saving campaign, we started rolling the campaign on hand-picked media channels.

Strong influencing women were picked to lead this campaign and were asked to upload photos of themselves making an X sign with their hands and the message “During awareness week for cervical cancer I’ve marked an X on the cancer. I urge you to go to your gynecologist and mark an X on cancer today”.

Amongst the leading female influencers recruited to lead the campaign you might recognize Yael Bar Zohar, MP Ayelet Shaked, Former minister of sport Limor Livnat, the model Nataly Dadon and Adi Shilon.

More than 1 million people were exposed to the campaign in Israel, which was the target audience.